User interface#

The interface is made of two main components: the widgets and the sidepanel.


All widgets are contained in the root widget, a special panel widget that can only contain tabs.

Interacting with widgets#

Mouse Touch Description
Click Tap Handled at pressing time, not releasing.
Double Click  Double Tap Some widgets handle double click / tap events. 
Drag Drag  The widgets respond to mouse and touch drag gestures with a 1:1 precision ratio.
Ctrl + Drag Holding the Ctrl key while dragging with the mouse increases the gesture's precision by 10.
Two-fingers drag (single target)  Using two fingers on a single-touch target increases the gesture's precision by 10.


The sidepanel can be opened by clicking the navigation icon in the upper right corner or by pressing F10.

State management#

Traversing gestures#

By default, a dragging gesture can only affect the widget it started on. Enabling traversing gesture does two things:

When traversing gestures are set to auto, these will only affect widgets that have the same type as the first touched widget.


See Editing sessions.