Editing sessions#

The session editor can be enabled from the sidepanel. Once enabled, clicking on a widget will make it the selected widget.

Root panel#

The root panel can be selected by clicking on the "Root" button in the sidepanel.

Context menu#

Right clicking / long touch on a widget or on a tab will also display a context menu providing useful utilities :

Open / Save#

By default, sessions are saved and opened on the server's filesystem. When saving a session opened by mutliple clients, these will reload the session file automatically.


It is possible to limit this feature to specific client addresses by using the server's --remote-saving option. For example: open-stage-control --remote-saving|

Will disable remote saving except for the clients with ip addresses (the server's local address) and

Import / Export#

Sessions can be exported/imported on the device's filesystem, doing so has a few limitations: - the session's name won't appear in the window's title - the session won't be added to the session history


By default, widget resizing / dragging snaps to a 10 pixel wide grid. Its width can be customized in the editor (when it's enabled). Setting its width to 1 will disable it. Note that the grid doesn't affect manual setting of a widget's size / position.


Selected widget's properties are displayed and can be modified in the sidepanel. The widgets reference section lists the available properties for each widget type. Property fields are all multiline (press shift + enter for new line).

Properties are written in JSON, with some flexibility brought by the JSON5 format. For example, doubles quotes around object keys are not mandatory. All input will be converted to standard JSON.

Widget resizing / dragging#

Selected widget can be resized using its south, south-east and east handles. It can be dragged with its north-west handle. Using this feature will convert position and size values to plain number values, thus breaking previously set percent or inherited values.

Keyboard shortcuts#

The following shortcuts are always available:

Shortcut Description
mod + e enable/disable editor
mod + s save session
mod + shift s export session as...
mod + o open a session file

The following shortcuts are available only when the editor is enabled:

Shortcut Description
mod + click* Multi-widget selection. Widgets can be toggled from selection by clicking on them individually.
shift + click + drag*  Draw a selection rectangle and attempt to select widgets in it (starts by selecting the widget under the cursor). If mod is pressed too, current selection is kept and will be merged with the new one if possible.
f2  Edit selected widget's label
mod + z  Undo
mod + y / mod + shift + z  Redo
delete (backspace on Mac)  Delete selected widgets
mod + c  Copy selected widgets
mod + x  Cut selected widgets
mod + v  Paste clipboard in selected widget
mod + shift + v  Paste and increment id
up, down, left, right  Move selected widgets (1 grid unit, hold shift for 5 grid units)
alt + [up, down, left, right] Resize selected widgets (1 grid unit, hold shift for 5 grid units)
mod + a Select current widget's siblings and itself
mod + shift + a Cancel current widget selection
mod + up Select current widget's parent
mod + down Select current widget's first child
mod + right Select current widget's next sibling
mod + left Select current widget's previous sibling

Where mod is ctrl except on MacOs (command)

* Multi-widgets editing

  • selection can only contain sibling widgets (same direct parent)
  • context-menu actions and properties changes apply to all selected widgets
  • resizing / dragging will affect all selected widgets, relatively to the first selected widget